Do You Know What Is Alu Foil?

Source£º   Datetime£º2015-04-28
  Alu Foil,is also known as False Silver Foil,and it is because the effect of stamping and silver foil stamping are the similar effects.

  Because of the characteristics of aluminum foil,it's widely used in food,drinks,cigarette,medicines,photographic plates,family Commodity,etc.It's usually used for packaging materials,and it's also used for heat insulating material.In these applications, the most effectively as foil performance point of packaging materials.Alu Foil with the function of moisture-proof,air tightness,shading,wear and corrosion,etc.But also because of it has elegant silver white luster, which is more likely to be popular.The packing of goods and outside light, humidity, gas full contact, so that the packaging is intact protection,especially for cooking food packaging.

  With the development of people's living standards and tourism improved,the increasing demand of aluminum cans,these all need packaging and decoration of modernization, in order to facilitate the international market competition.It can be said, is the aluminum foil packaging materials with many excellent properties, more perfect, in many fields has fully demonstrated its wide application prospects.

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