What is "Aluminum foil composite film"?

Source£º   Datetime£º2015-05-09

  Aluminum foil composite film is the most commonly used composite film,it's usually contain pure aluminum and aluminum.

  1.The characteristics of aluminum foil

  It has the good mechanical strength,light weight,no thermal bonding,with a metallic luster,good shading,it also has a strong ability to light reflection,not easy to be corroded,waterproof,strong air tightness,and retention of aroma.

  2.What is the aluminum foil used for

  It's used for pharmaceutical packaging,food packaging,barrier packaging,electromagnetic shielding packaging,etc.Do you like eat seaweed?Do you know what is the seaweed packaging material?That's right,It's made of aluminum foil composite film,besides,all the light, non barrier packaging cooking is composed of aluminum foil composite film.

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